Magdalene Drama Society's relatively short history began in 2003 under the name of the Magdalene Freshers' Drama Society (MFDS). The first production, of Allan Ayckbourn's comedy Table Manners, took place at the end of January 2003 to an audience of about 120 people in the Magdalene canteen. This was fantastically received and reviewed, kicking off the society in grand style.

The first performance under the acronym of MDS did not take place until November 2004 during Operation Emmanuel - an all-singing, all-dancing nativity play performed with the Magdalene Christian Union. During the Magdalene Arts Festival in February 2005, MDS put on Mike Dederian's dark sci-fi, One's a Pawn of Time.

After this, a new committee changed the society name to The Magdalene Amateur Dramatics Society (MADS) for the run of The Importance of Being Earnest in Easter Term 2005. However, for 2005-6 the society existed under the name MDS.

A few years passed with little activity within the society, before it was re-launched for 2010-11 with a production of Volpone in Lent Term 2011. Since then the society has had a new lease of life with two shows put on in 2011-12.